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Illuminate. Congregate. And Celebrate After Installing Landscape Lighting

Spring will be here before you know it. The weather will heat up and the days will grow longer. And for many, when night draws near, the craving to entertain on their deck or lounge on their back porch will grow stronger.

At these times, perhaps it might be wise to consider installing landscape lighting—or revamping the outdated lighting you already have. Landscape lighting is used for many reasons—for heightening ambiance, to cultivate a unique garden space, to enhance security and more. If you have recently installed a flagstone path, created a barbeque area, cleared a space for a sculpture, or added another backyard feature, the job may feel incomplete without landscape lighting to bring it all to life.

Make a Simple Plan

It takes very little to get started on your lighting venture: step outside at night with a flash light and light up a path, a rock, a tree—or whatever happens to be in your backyard. Now, it's time to unfurl your imagination. Where could lighting be used to create a private oasis or add dramatic effect? After you've mulled things over, contact a lighting specialist for a design consultation to determine the scope, budget and time frame for the project. Then, begin the collaboration: mention what’s important for you and why—security, safety and aesthetics. Finally, get involved in creating the look and feel you desire.

LED Lighting Options

Different types of lights play a distinct but sometimes overlapping role in shaping a yard. LED, low-voltage lights are you best option. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

use 20% less energy than other blubs, and have a whopping 50,000-hour lifespan. There are a lot of lighting choices:

  • Path lights add safety and greater curb appeal

  • Wash lights illuminate lattice work and can highlight a stationary object

  • Accent lights can add emphasis and spotlight a tree, shrub or statue

  • Flood lights with motion sensors will promote security

A Zen Approach

For lighting projects, the general rule is less is more. It helps to cultivate a somewhat Zen-garden-type approach. An object flooded with too much light will often distract. Sure, make a bold statement with lighting, but remember an area flooded with too much light may drown out the looking you are going after.

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