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We Are Knowledgeable

Nothing comes close to the mood and environment created by the right lighting. Whether it is ambient lighting for everyday family life or lighting for a specific task, we select the best light source and latest technology to provide you the perfect illumination. 


We Listen

We’re all ears when you express your wants and needs, concerns and desires. We diagnose problems quickly and give you solutions that answer all your requirements. 


We Go Beyond Lighting

Electricity also provides convenience and comfort beyond lighting. From installing new outlets to adding a 240-volt circuit for EV charging to electrical panel installation to questions about wiring in an older house, the experts at Constellation have the solutions.

We Build Relationships with Other Professionals

We enjoy growing our business by establishing referral relationships with general contractors. As a subcontractor, we add value by doing skilled work and by representing you in a professional manner. It leads to repeat business and project referrals. Reach out now.

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