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Every person's perception of light is different. So, every space designed for a specific person will be different. To create a well-lit space, we need to get to know the person we’re designing for, their values and what drives them. How do they like to work, play, relax? And how can light enhance their enjoyment?

To create the right lighting elements in a home or work environment it helps to envision our clients years from now using that space and thinking to themselves, “This is exactly what I need right now. I’m satisfied. I’m happy.” Supporting this type of feeling is our ultimate goal. It makes all we do worthwhile.


Light is as important an element in design as color, texture, material, contrast, lines and more. As a design element it allows the others qualities to come alive, to be seen, but it is easily overlooked. Light can be all-encompassing and mysterious, almost spiritual, in its elusiveness. Case in point, the light of a full moon rising in the early evening. It can evoke joy, awe, curiosity, excitement, satisfaction and calm. Lighting in your home will do the same.


Martin Ortega, Constellation's owner, has worked in the Bay Area residential remodeling industry for more than 20 years. Starting as a carpenter, he has built and remodeled homes from the inside out. As an electrical and lighting contractor for last twelve years, he has developed a keen sense of how to light a space to suit the needs and desires of the homeowner. And, as a builder, he has the skills and knowledge needed to seamlessly execute the design.

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