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Recharging Your Electric Vehicle Should Be Convenient

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have taken the driving world by storm. Have you noticed? Hop on any Bay Area freeway these days and soon enough an EV will be at your flank in the left or right lane. Many gas-powered car owners look on with envy when a Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, a Hyundai Kona, or the ubiquitous Tesla Model Y, zoom on by in the carpool lane. You could almost say we're experiencing an EV invasion here in Northern California. In December 2021, more than one out of 10 new cars was an all-electric car.

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Cars relying on fossil fuels are becoming fossils themselves and for good reasons. Producing them creates massive amounts of waste, and the transportation sector is responsible for about 30 percent of the U.S.’s greenhouse gas emissions. EVs offer a truckload of benefits. They require less maintenance and are way more fuel efficient than gas-powered cars, and are zippy and great fun to drive. Of course, EVs are friendlier for the environment and come packed with rebates, incentives, and tax credits, making them an all-around great choice.

Level 1 Chargers Are Fine. But Level 2 Chargers Make Life Easier

If you happen to be a new electric vehicle owner, or are considering becoming one, then you need to think about how you are going to charge your new car.

Electric cars need to be charged periodically much like gas- or diesel-powered vehicles need to be refueled. EVs generally come with Level 1 chargers, which typically use normal household outlets. The downside of this, as you can imagine, is that the charge is limited to 120 volts, and you might find yourself waiting 12 or more hours for your EV to recharge.

For most people with EVs, Level 2 chargers will provide more convenience and peace of mind. L2 charging stations can handle 240 volts, significantly reducing charging times. Even fully drained batteries can be filled up in just a few hours, which means that you will always have the power you need when and where you need it.

Installing a Level 2 Charging Station

Charging stations can vary in price depending on the features they offer. Most L2 stations range from 30 to 80 amps at 240 volts. They can be stationary or portable, and those with smart connectivity can be controlled from an app on your phone or vehicle.

L2 chargers can also help you save on your electric bill by enabling you to charge strategically. Instead of being tied to an outlet all the time, you can charge during off-peak times and save on energy costs. Even better, an L2 charging station can add to your home's resale value.

To install a Level 2 charger, you might need to make a few adjustments to your home’s electrical system. This is a simple job Constellation Lighting and Electric can easily manage for you. We'll upgrade your service amperage by adding 240-volt outlet on a new dedicated circuit. The job will more than pay for itself in increased convenience, savings, and value for your home.

Recharging While Away Has Its Benefits

To be sure, there will be a lot more public EV charging stations springing up in California over the next few years. The California Energy Commission reported a need for 1.2 million public charging stations to be in operation by 2030. This fits with Governor Newsom's goal for California to be carbon neutrality by 2035,

The price to recharge your electric vehicle at a public charging station in California is certainly affordable right now, about a third less than filling up a gas-powered car. And some electric car manufacturers even offer complimentary recharging services. The best of both worlds seems eminent: a reliable charging system at home for shorter commutes and an abundance of public charging systems when there's a need to travel longer distances.

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