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Unique Lighting Options: How to Make Your Kitchen, Bathroom and Other Rooms Spring to Life

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Understanding Your Lighting Options

Lighting might just be one of the most important elements of design when it comes to your home. The architectural details, furnishings, décor and even color scheme can all fall flat without the right lighting options. When remodeling, the right lighting plan can take your new look to the next level, illuminating your home efficiently and adding brilliant dimensions as it brings your space to life.

It's often the little things that matter when remodeling that give a home a distinctive flare and make guests ooh and and aah when they visit. It call comes down to proper planning. The rewards of a solid lighting plan may leave you happily reflecting, "I'm glad we took the time to do that."

If you're stuck on the specifics of what to choose check out some of these commonly overlooked types of lighting.

Above Cabinet Lighting

That little space above your cabinet might seem like more of a dust-catcher than anything else, but the right lighting can transform it. This simple project will boost the visual appeal of your entire kitchen or storage space, and if you opt for LED lighting, you’ll use less energy and your bulbs will last longer, too.

The indirect nature of over-cabinet lighting creates a soft glow that is far more appealing compared to the bright and often harsh overhead lights traditionally used in a kitchen, and it’s easy to install simple strip LED lights subtly to the top of cabinets without visible wires or components for a gentle, generous illumination anywhere you have cabinets.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

The interior of your cabinets can be similarly easy to overlook. Use in-cabinet lighting to highlight decorative pieces or collectibles. You can even install in-cabinet lighting that turns on much light refrigerator lighting when the doors are opened to better highlight dark spaces. These, too, can consist of strip or track lighting or simple puck lights, depending on your needs and preferences.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

To better illuminate your work area, under-cabinet lighting can brighten your countertops and make it easier to prepare food, clean, or complete other tasks. It can also highlight decorative features and add depth to your kitchen spaces. Under-cabinet lighting has a fresh, modern look and feel that works well in kitchens of all shapes and sizes and, much like above-cabinet lighting, is easy to install using LED lights.

LED Downlights

Often used for ambient lighting, LED downlights are typically recessed for a sleek, modern, space-saving lighting concept. LED downlights can be fixed or adjustable, and they can even be mounted on the surface in areas where recessed lighting is not possible. They offer highly energy-efficient ambient lighting as well as focused lighting without unwanted glare.

Placing your downlights can make a big difference in their final effects. They should be no closer than two feet from your walls and spaced evenly throughout a space. Install them closer together or use lights with higher lumens in spaces with dark wood, carpet, or décor. In rooms with higher ceilings, use lights with higher lumens to ensure the light reaches further. Use gimbal or tilting downlights in areas in which you want to showcase specific architectural details, such as pillars, molding, and artwork. Consider using mini LED downlights in nooks, corners, or small spaces.

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