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Don't Overlook the Benefits of Path and Security Lighting

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

It's easy for homeowners to overlook curb appeal when they are undertaking an interior remodel. After all, remodeling a kitchen, bath or entire house is both exciting and absorbing. But upgrading your home's exterior for aesthetic appeal, home security, and financial value, are just a few of the benefits homeowners can experience when they install outdoor lighting.

Low Voltage (LV) Lighting

LV lighting is very popular and two of the most intriguing LV systems, path lighting and security lighting, can transform the darkened spaces of a home’s exterior and enhance its safety. A home's dazzling beauty is often hidden in the dark and can only be revealed with landscape lighting. For a home lit up by path lighting, the look can be stunning! And security lighting offers a complement to path's aesthetic appeal -- providing peace of mind, for example, for those who regularly get home late from work, or for those who make frequent trips out of town.

Most outdoor lighting these days is LED lighting. It illuminates pathways, enhances aesthetics and provides improved accessibility and heightened security. Low-voltage lighting has captured the market for several reasons: it consumes less power, lasts for decades, and is very low maintenance.

There is arguably no better way to gaze out onto a freshly landscaped yard at night then to have LV lighting accentuate its features – an expansive deck softly lit; a jutting rock spotlighted to enhance a garden feature; or a flagstone walkway meandering while framed in a glowing path of light.

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