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Install Pedant Lighting in Your Home

Beautiful. Practical. Versatile.

These are three words that perfectly describe pendant lighting, a type of task or ambient lighting for your home. When remodeling your kitchen or another room, you'll want to select the right design, hardware and materials, but don’t stop with the countertops, flooring and appliances if you want a remodel you'll truly love.

Pedant lighting can be a game-changer, creating a seamless bridge between style and functionality.

For any home design, lighting plays a key role in getting the look and feel you desire.

For a new kitchen designed for cooking, but doubling as a study area, or social gathering place, put the spotlight on lighting early in the design process by considering pedant lights. They are often the right lighting choice primarily due to their versatility. These days, kitchens, (or sometimes baths and bedrooms) serve as multi-use rooms, a place to entertain, exercise, study, and more—and pedants, which come in a broad range of styles and colors—definitely deliver.

Versatility Offers More Creative Options

A pendant can be a single light suspended from the ceiling or a group of lighting fixtures of varying heights arranged to illuminate a section of or an entire room; style and complexity often vary depending on the desired ambiance, lighting effect and purpose you want to the room to serve. Pendants lights can be delicate in appearance, bring design elements together, and make a bold statement.

Pedant lighting will expand your design palate. For instance, you may want to consider installing unconventionally-shaped pendants with a dash of vibrant color over a kitchen island rather than your standard ceiling-mounted light; they’ll enliven the space and provide balanced illumination to the entire room.

Pedants Lights for the Bathroom and More

Pendants lights for a bathroom offer a lower-light option, perfect for detail-oriented work. And pendant lighting in a bedroom offers versatility for those late-night owls with an unquenchable thirst for reading or those who want ambient light in only some areas of a room. Yes, new pendant lighting will allow you to toss out that clunky reading lamp, free up some space and add a bit of panache to the room.

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